In Studio: Mike Pinto Band

Mike Dronkers / Thursday, July 7, 2011 @ 3:54 p.m. /

Hailing from the beaches of southern California and bringing a sound to match, the Mike Pinto Band performed in the KHUM studio July 7th, 2011.

Jambalaya-bound with almost no sleep and the biggest bass amp we've ever put a mic in front of, MPB played a great set. 

Mike Pinto: Guitar/Vocals

Todd Elrod: Drums

Matt Brien: Bass



Mike Pinto has crafted an exceptional style of songwriting, with a truly unique take on Roots, Vintage Rock, Reggae, Ska and Classic Surf, but it’s his distinct voice and seamless storytelling that has brought him success both in the States and overseas.

With the release of his debut album (Little District, 2005), Pinto began his attack on the Philadelphia music scene as a solo artist. By 2006, underground success and a rabid growing fanbase allowed him to expand westward with two nationwide solo acoustic tours.

After the second tour, Pinto decided to relocate to San Diego where he immersed himself in the thriving Southern California music scene and quickly gained a name.

The infectious sound garnered so much attention that Insomnia Radio added his single "One More Time" amidst a hard hitting compilation of the SoCal sound’s brightest groups including DI and Slightly Stoopid, with the members of which Pinto often uses as his supporting band.