The Humboldt Chronicles: How Much Money?

KHUM, Radio Without the Rules / Tuesday, Dec. 27, 2011 @ 4:33 p.m. /

In the first episode of The Humboldt Chronicles, we explore what marijuana means to the Humboldt County economy. How much is confiscated? How much is grown indoor? How does any of this affect a waitress in Garberville? 


Erick Eschker - Economist

Jennifer Budwig - Banker

Becky Crossland - Restauranteur


Cheat Sheet

Jennifer Budwig's crash course on marijuanonomics:

Assuming Law Enforcement seizes 10% of all pot grown = 200,000 plants seized equates to 2,000,000 plants. (They estimate they get 1-2%)

Assuming 28% of pot grown is indoor
Assuming 72% is pot grown is outdoor

Indoor is 1lb per 10 plants x 3 harvests per year at $2500 per lb. = 168,000 plants = $420,000,000

Outdoor is 1lb per plant x 1 harvest per year = 1,440,000 plants  at $1500 per lb. =  $2,100,000
Total: $2,600,0000

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Produced by Kym Kemp, Chuck Rogers, & Mike Dronkers

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