KHUM's Subliminal Christmas

KHUM, Radio Without the Rules / Monday, Dec. 12, 2011 @ 4:47 p.m. /

As part of KHUM's Nuclear War On The War on Christmas, we've partnered with Mountain Fresh Tree Farm in Eureka to bring you KHUM's Subliminal Christmas.

As pretend luck would have it, many popular songs have secret Christmas messages embedded in them. 

Hark! Hear "Silent Night" backmasked into this awesome song by ELO.


Crazy, right?

You, the sharp-eared KHUM fan, can win a Mountain Fresh Christmas tree simply by aurally excavating the Christmasubliminal™ message within the song.

Your jolly KHUM DJ will play a sublminal message at a semi-random time, and the first person to correctly identifiy the song wins a $39 voucher at Mountain Fresh Christmas trees. 

This is happening three times a day this week.

If you don't win, you should still get your tree from Mountain Fresh because they're nice, they have heat lamps, and can tie a tree down to the roof of a Prius without waking your sleeping kids.

All the regular contest rules apply, and don't cheat, yo. How could you even, seriously?