Radio Ping Pong with Bill Goldsmith

KHUM, Radio Without the Rules / Tuesday, Aug. 2, 2011 @ 3:26 p.m. /

Radio Paradise cofounder Bill Goldsmith joined host Mike Dronkers for a round of Radio Ping Pong on Thursday, 8/5/11.

Founded in 2000 with his wife Rebecca Goldsmith, Radioparadise.com remains one of the earliest and most successful examples of internet radio. Before Radio Paradise, Goldsmith worked at legendary freeform outlets KFAT and KPIG. 

Radio Ping Pong works like this: one DJ serves up a song, the other responds with perfect followup, then the first DJ links a song to that one, and so forth. Good segues, similar tone, related subject matter...it's all the stuff that radio used to do. 

With Goldsmith's vast history in eclectic rock and Dronkers' experience as KHUM's music director, it was a very exciting match for players and listeners alike.

Goldsmith Audio

See the day's playlist here, Ping started at noon and ended with Seu Jorge.

His work has always been ahead the curve, whether it's streaming audio or the marriage of social media to radio.

KHUM's programming philosophy essentially echoes Goldsmith's:

"Radio Paradise is the old 1960s progressive-FM philosophy ("put a DJ in a room full of records & turn him/her loose") applied to the whole universe of 21st century music: modern & classic rock, world music, electronica, acoustic, even a smattering of jazz and classical - with a real human DJ in full control, not just an "iPod on random play" jumble of styles.

It's radio-as-art, rather than radio-as-marketing - something you just don't hear on FM any more."

- Bill Goldsmith