Pick Humboldt, Google!

Mike Dronkers / Wednesday, March 31, 2010 @ 8:01 p.m. /

Google is going to test hyperfast internet service in a lucky chosen community.  The Humboldt relationship to broadband access is well-documented, and we are a proven testing ground for marketers.

We think Humboldt is the right choice, for reasons laid out here:


The Top Ten Reasons

Should Come To Humboldt County:


  1. We're passionate about expanding technology.  Check out some history here and the timeline over there on the right.
  2. You will be able to get the project done quickly and efficiently with private sector partners in fiber installation and extensive rights-of-way.
  3. While here, your employees can enjoy Beer, and Beer, andBeer, Beer,  Wine, and lots of other great stuff.
  4. We have some really cool Innovative Companies.
  5. We are doing cutting edge work in energyredwood forest ecologymarine sciencespatial analysis, and telemedicine.
  6. We are leaders in rural broadband policy and have receivedstatewide and national attention for our work.
  7. We've got great artfilm, digital media and music!
  8. We're transforming our economy and Google's investment will be a catalyst for a real change in people's lives.
  9. We're good enough that we don't have to rename ourselves "Google."  We know that there's only one us and only one you!
  10. O.k. there are way more than ten reasons.  Want to know more?  Go here.

The "Pick Humboldt" Facebook group is growing very, very fast.  Joining it can't hurt our chances.