Saturday, May 30, 2015

In Studio: Danceable Rock, Jazz, and Funk From The Hip Joint

Mike Dronkers / Thursday, May 21 @ 4:16 p.m. / In Studio



The Hip Joint play original tunes that they described as "jazz-rock funk-bob" or something like that. Is it accurate? Pretty much. Singer Mia Cassasanta jumped around the room for a good part of the set, which bands should do more often. Listen below:


The Hip Joint play with Royal Jelly Jive at the Jambalaya this Saturday night. 


  • Mia Casasanta, Most high vocalist and conga whisperer
  • Cory Goldman, String Tickler to the Gods
  • Mike Tofu Schwartz, Beats 'n Boom
  • Chuck Johnson, Curly haired thump pumper
  • Justin Schwartzman, The Reed-Nastier Key-Master

Humboldt Ranked: List Things Humboldt Needs Less Of/More Of

Andrew Goff / Thursday, May 21 @ 10:39 a.m. / RANKED

For an unprecedented fourth time in five weeks, your Lost Coast Outpost and KHUM are again teaming up for arbitrary and capricious listing of local topics. It's a little gimmick we call Humboldt Ranked.

Here’s how this works: Starting at 11 a.m., we’ll open up the phones on KHUM (786-5486). At that point you can call in and pitch a nominee as well as where you think it should go on the list. Sell it, Humboldters. Over the course of the next couple hours, live on the radio, a definitive ranking will be discussed, debated and ultimately etched in e-stone for all eternity.

Tune in to KHUM 104.3/104.7 (or online here) to experience the drama live and follow along with the results below. Later we’ll upload the audio for posterity. Do you love this? Why not!

Let’s rank Humboldt now.

THIS WEEK'S TOPIC: Life is best when balanced. You need to know when to tweak. So if Humboldt had a recipe what would you add a pinch more of? Also, what is overpowering the rest of this meal? 

Specifically, what does Humboldt need more of and/or what does it need less of?

# # #


1. Diversity (nominated by caller John M.)

2. Affordable housing (nominated by caller Sean from Riverlife)

3. Roundabouts (nominated by commenter Too High to Drive) 

4. Fish (nominated by commenter Mr. Bear.)

5. Water (nominated by caller Wanderer Doug)

6. Point breaks (nominated by g-chatter Old Shake)

7. Glory (nominated by Kinetic Kook Carl)



1. Meth (nominated by g-chatter Old Shake)

2. Homelessness (nominated by caller Sean from Riverlife) 

3. Deforestation (nominated by caller John M.)

4. Water consumption (nominated by caller Wanderer Doug)

5. Exhaust pipes (nominated by Lucy and Rob, kinda)

6. Flat billed caps (nominated by commenter Mr. Bear)

7. Razooly (nominated by Kinetic Kook Carl)


Bubbling Under (More Of):

Trader Joe's (nominated by commenter Meh)

A pluses (nominated by caller Billy Gold)

Attitude (nominated by caller Mike in Arcata)

Bubbling Under (Less Of):

D minuses (nominated by caller Billy Gold)

Gratitude (nominated by caller Mike in Arcata)

# # #



Anti Anti-GMO March Planned For Saturday

Mike Dronkers / Wednesday, May 20 @ 12:43 p.m. /

Expect dueling protests this weekend. 

This Saturday is the international March Against Monsanto, whose use of genetic engineering is, at the very least, controversial. 

One local group has planned a counter-protest. Calling themselves "Humboldt March Against Myths", the local chapter's Facebook page reads:

Neil deGrasse Tyson said, “If you are against corporate power, then focus on that.” If you don’t want Big Ag in Humboldt County, then focus on that. I would support you. If you don’t want herbicide-resistant crops in Humboldt then focus on that. Herbicide resistant crops have been developed with other breeding methods besides GMOs; stopping biotechnology will not halt herbicide-resistant crops or bad farming practices.

The March Against Myths' webpage reads: 

We created this group to stand up for science and to call on others to do the same. We’re planning the first ever national counter protest to the annual March Against Monsanto.

On the other side, the local March Against Monsanto's event page reads:

Bring your kids, dogs, costumes (honey bees, bumble bees beekeepers, butterflies, ladybugs, the possibilities are endless!), dogs, signs, drums - whatever your imagination dictates, to this important part of the global movement to label, better yet, ban GMOs. Together, we will MARCH AGAINST MONSANTO!! Protect ourselves, our children, our CSAs, our bees, our mother earth, our organic farmers, ourselves, our rights, our very existence!

Both groups will meet at 2nd and I streets in Eureka, and at 3:00 they plan to march to the Humboldt County Courthouse.

2013 March Against Monsanto protest, via Humboldt March Against Monsanto's Facebook Page


Coastal Currents: Explore Adventures

Mike Dronkers / Wednesday, May 20 @ 11:51 a.m. / Coastal Currents

File photo courtesy Explore North Coast
GuestMike Zeppegno, Explore North Coast
Topic: ENC lecture series, the ENC/Humboldt Bay Aquatic Center partnership and the opportunity it provides the community to get out on the water, future interpretive tour of Humboldt Bay MPA


ID This Killer Plant

Mike Dronkers / Wednesday, May 20 @ 10:11 a.m. /

Taken last year the Trinity alps along Swift Creek, this photo clearly shows a meadow full of carnivorous plants. See? SEE? And you thought we were just making it up. 

But seriously - what kind of plant is that?



In Studio: Trevor Hall Should Just Move To Humboldt Already

Mike Dronkers / Tuesday, May 19 @ 10:44 a.m. / In Studio

Trevor Hall should just move to Humboldt already. We've got more than enough similarly-minded folks here who are ready to make him feel welcome.

Hall has one foot in mainstream pop and the other foot in an Indian ashram. So how does a person with his level of success find harmony amid the fame? 

Hall broke through the music scene with such early accomplishments in his career as having a song recorded on the Shrek the Third soundtrack, as well as joining a series of sold-out tours with artists such as Steel Pulse, The Wailers, Jimmy Cliff, Matisyahu, Michael Franti, SOJA, Brett Dennen and Colbie Callait. 

Trevor’s quick rise on the scene, however, was ripe with challenges that conflicted with his spiritual life and devotional practice.

In order to parallel his life’s path with the messages in his music, Trevor moved into a traditional Hindu ashram in Southern California in 2008. When not on tour, he lived as a monk and devoted his days to spiritual practice and service. His involvement with the temple affected his music and his music quickly became his practice.

Hall stopped by the KHUM studios to talk about making noise, escaping noise, and what "ohm" actually means. Listen to the interview below. 

Trevor Hall KHUM

He also played with Henry the dog. 

Trevor Hall performs at Humboldt Brews tonight. 

Walk & Bike Mendocino

Cliff Berkowitz / Tuesday, May 19 @ 10:29 a.m. / Trails

This morning Emily and I spoke with Neil Davis of Walk & Bike Mendocino. This is a new organization promoting walking and biking for in town commutes of 2 miles or less. We also talked about Bike month and details about Bike to Work Day, Eureka, coming up on Thursday.