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Jeffersonians Gone Wild: Live-Tweets From That North Coast Regional Water Quality Control Board Meeting In Redding

Mike Dronkers / Wednesday, April 9 @ 3:12 p.m. /

Jen Savage is at a meeting in Redding because of this data showing gross germs in some of your favorite creeks. We'll be updating this page, or you could follow her on Twitter.













Mashup: James Of Thrones

Mike Dronkers / Tuesday, April 8 @ 11:09 a.m. /

Remixed by DJ Rozroz

H/T @wmfu

Bay Trail & Jammie Jog

Cliff Berkowitz / Tuesday, April 8 @ 9:10 a.m. / Trails

Cliff and Emily talk with Debi Farber Bush and Kirk Cohune of Greenway Partners and the Humboldt Trails Council about progress on the Bay Trail and the upcoming awareness campaign the Jammie Jog. Participants will jog or walk in their pajamas beginning at 9am on April 27th starting at Greenway Partners in Arcata. Also more information on the trails stewards program is discussed.


You Will Finally Be Able To Hear KRFH

Mike Dronkers / Friday, April 4 @ 5:31 p.m. / Feel Good , HSU

Humboldt State's student-run radio station will soon be available on actual radios throughout the northern Humboldt Bay Area on 105.1 FM, according to a press release from the station. KRFH will start broadcasting on its new frequency on April 18th.   

Not to be confused with KHSU 90.5, KRFH is completely managed by students with faculty oversight. [Disclosure: Your LoCO writer spent a joyous seven semesters at KRFH.] It serves as a lab for radio students and audio producers, as well as a very-hard-to-hear radio station. 

Also notable is KRFH's continued growth in the face of what the New York Times described as "waning support for college radio". Across the country, college radio stations are increasingly seen as easy 'purchase targets' for schools looking to raise some quick money. 

KRFH began in 1990 as a carrier-current broadcast on 610 AM from a dank facility underneath Gist hall. The late Dr. Gary Melton, who once worked under Pat Sajak, let the station flourish as a truly eclectic free-form laboratory. 

KRFH is one of the very few Humboldt broadcasters to play hip-hop and EDM regularly, though the station also plays a very, very wide variety of other genres.

Countless local radio hosts honed their chops at KRFH: J.B. Mathers, Paul Woodland, Carole Ann, Myles Cochrane, Dr. Syd Reagan, DJ Bubba, Ryan Lee, Eli Rohl, Nikki Leskinen... it's a long list.

But KRFH was really hard to pick up. Some spaces on campus would play KRFH, like the Depot. You could kinda pick it up if you were parked in the right spots. If you plugged a radio into your dorm wall, you could also hear it.

But that was about it until started webcasting in the late 90's. This was a vast morale boost for the airstaff, since radio without listeners is an orphaned mixtape. 

Faculty advisor Cliff Berkowitz [another disclosure: Berkowitz is a LoCO contributor & morning host for KHUM] was quoted in Humboldt State Now:

“The students will have an actual broadcast radio station that will no longer be a simulation of a broadcast,” he said. “It will be real.”

Congratulations, KRFH. Give 'em hell and watch your levels. Gary Melton is smiling on all of you. 


From KRFH:

Humboldt State University’s student­run radio station, KRFH, is about to flip the switch that will take their internet based broadcast to the FM airwaves. The station was granted a low­ power FM (LPFM) license by the Federal Communications Commission in early February 2014. 

Students and the community are invited to tune in to the new KRFH 105.1 FM on April 18th from 5:00­7:00 p.m. to hear the debut of the new frequency.  KRFH alumni are welcome to join current DJ’s in commemorating the long history and exciting future of the station.  Former DJ’s are also encouraged to email to find out how else they can be a part of the launch day. 

“This is a monumental event for anyone that has ever been involved with KRFH either as a DJ or a listener,” says Alex  Fest, KRFH LPFM  Project  Coordinator and student manager. “With our  launch, we  want to celebrate the contributions and the support that we have received from the campus community since our humble beginnings on KRFH DJ’s will be on the HSU quad April 18th from 10am-­4pm giving away free radios to students who want to to tune in but don’t have access to their own receiver. “We want all Humboldt radios to be tuned in during our launch,” Fest said. “After all, it is not often that a frequency lies dormant for so long, and then, suddenly… there are voices and music.”

The signal will cover all of Arcata, reaching North to Mckinleyville and South to Eureka. 

Now approaching its 25th year, KRFH was established in 1990 by late journalism Professor, Dr. Gary Melton,  with a small AM broadcast carried through telephone lines throughout the HSU campus.  In 1997, the station broke new ground  when  it  became one of the  first college radio  stations in  the  country to stream online.  KRFH will soon make  history  once  again  when  it  launches  it’s  FM  broadcast  and  becomes  the  first  and  only  student  run ‘Low ­Powered FM’ station in the California State University system.

This Week On The South Side: Muddy Waters

Mike Dronkers / Friday, April 4 @ 10:03 a.m. /

Muddy Waters
Starting with a 78-rpm release in 1948, Muddy Waters led the way to modern blues with a powerful, compelling voice and urgent, original sound.

It's also the birthday of R & B singer Major Lance ('Monkey Time'), Hugh Masekela and Big Chief Jolly of the Wild Tchoupitoulas, (George Landry) uncle of the Nevile brothers.  I'll feature some of each, but go deep with tunes from Muddy.


The South Side | Friday, 7pm-10pm

Following The South Side, stay tuned for Zen Through Zappa with Scatch.

In Studio: El Radio Fantastique

Mike Dronkers / Thursday, April 3 @ 4:38 p.m. /



Well, that was a three-ring dumpster fire. You'll hear it. 

Behold the irreverent cacophony of El Radio Fantastique tonight at the Arcata Playhouse. It's a benefit for EPIC.  They brought the clankiest sound to the KHUM studio this afternoon.

Podcast here

"Like a peculiar music box from a forgotten dime museum, the eight-member revue contains nearly two dozen instruments, including accordions, theremins and whistles led by giant marching drums and glockenspiel. And no industrious orchestra should be without junk percussion and a jaw harp. Vintage elements of klezmer fused with big band rumba conjure up old-time circus freaks, fire dancers and burlesque."

 - Jaquelynne Ocana, North Bay Bohemian, November 2012


KHUM Debate Club: Street Justice

Mike Dronkers / Thursday, April 3 @ 10:09 a.m. /


Verdict: The jury ruled in favor of Listener X, but were overturned by Judge Trask. 
Summary: After tepid arguments, questionable forensics and unnecessary use of the Law and Order Theme, Judge Larry Trask ultimately overturned the jury's 11-1 in favor of Listener X. 
His honor decreed that while Driver Y was clearly endangering other drivers in her rush to Starbucks, Driver X's actions reached a level of socially unacceptable confrontation, regardless of his pro-social intent. 
Enrich your life. Listen to Judge Trask's noble-but-stunning oratory, starting about 21:20ish in. 
Goff: 1 / Dronkers: 0

This morning, KHUM Listener X says he was driving the limit on Myrtle Avenue in Eureka when another driver, Driver Y, passed him in the shared turning lane, the so-called 'suicide lane.' 

This was preceded by Driver Y allegedly tailgating Listener X four feet off his bumper. Driver Y then allegedly pulled into Starbucks. Listener X says that he sees her pull in, and follows her into the coffee shop. Listener X testifies that he told her:

"Big hurry, huh? That is a horrible way to drive. You're putting people at risk with that shit. You ought to be ashamed of yourself."

He also said:

"I was not overly aggressive about it. I didn't get in her face or block her path at all. Just said my piece and left."

Listener X says she muttered something unintelligible, and then he then drove home to report the driver's actions to CHP.

Today at noon, KHUM Debate Club resumes with Andrew Goff taking the side of "Meh, let it go." I will argue from the viewpoint of Listener X.

For you to decide: Did this alleged infraction warrant this reaction? Is Listener X a Citizen Hero or Vigilante Maniac?

Jury selection is finished. If you want to be a juror, just email with the subject heading "juror."

(Graphic is a artist's rendition, obviously.)


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